Our Story:


Two Bed and Breakfast owners on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i, Lorna and Alexis,  like everyone else around the world, had to suddenly cease and desist taking guests because of a mysterious Coronavirus.


Tourism, which was Kauai’s only industry, came to a screeching halt. At first the Federal Government didn’t recognize the state of Hawaii as part of the disaster relief until a week after the rest of the country, and were left out of the first relief package.


Lorna and Alexis thought the lack of daily breakfast and morning “talk story” at their small Lawai Valley inns would leave many island travelers very sad.


Lorna and Alexis felt sad as well, and had the passing thought this could be the end for them.


Suddenly, they began wondering what they could do to help the people of the islands and the rest of the world, as they both love to share happiness and “Aloha” with everyone that came to them. However, both they were of the ripe beautiful age of grandmothers and Aunties and were informed that they were the most vulnerable age group affected by the pandemic, and must stay inside indefinitely.


After so many active years (with a few more still in them) they bought and borrowed the sewing machines they would need to make as many protective masks for the front line health care workers, airline personnel and family, as they could. So, their first design was specifically with health workers and airline personnel in mind.


They began with 100% organic cotton material on one side and sacrificed their good high thread count cotton sheets for the inside pocket that could hold an N95 replacement filter while still comfortably touching the face, while breathing in.


After donating the original 600 masks, always perfecting along the way, they realized that the public would be wearing masks well into the future. Through their innovative spirit and studying fabric filtration the 2-grandma/aunties developed a stylish model in 100% Hawaiian Quilting cotton on one side and the same high-quality sheets fabric on the other-side also making them reversible for more uses.

They started by simply distributing locally and friends, family and Non-profits and now offering them to the whole working population at a very affordable price.


Our mission


Mask-up Kauai is devoted to making the easiest most comfortably stylish masks at the best possible price point.  We make them durable to withstand many wearings and are washer/dryer